Clean & Simple Layout

Online Fundraising Pages Made Easy

FundEasy Has a Clean and Simple Layout

We've worked hard to strike a balance between information and simplicity. Each FundEasy Page presents all the need-to-know fundraising information in a clean, elegant layout. Pages clearly project the fundraiser, the beneficiary, and the financial goal, all while making it easy to personalize, spread the word and donate. To see real-life FundEasy Pages, click here.

Virtual Pledge Forms

Simply put, FundEasy Pages are like virtual pledge forms. Not only can page visitors make online donations that get deposited directly to your organization's bank account, fundraisers can also make their Fund-Meter rise by recording all their offline pledges and gifts as they happen. All this data is sent to your Column Browser management tool, and is reflected in your Easy Reports.

The Power of Personalization

Personal Photos Icon

Your supporters can express
their heart for your mission

The whole point of having online fundraiser pages is for your participants to engage their peer groups. Many of those people may not have heard about your organization. That is why it's important to empower you participants to personalize their FundEasy Pages so they can be the face of your ministry. Their family and friends ultimately feel like they're donating to them personally as a representative of your organization.

Photo Slideshows & Video

FundEasy Pages come complete with a Media Manager that allows your fundraisers to upload up to 5 photos for a slideshow. Or, they can link to a video on YouTube or Vimeo.

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  • Vimeo Icon

Personal Message

What is personalization without the ability to describe why you're involved in the fundraiser in the first place? Your fundraisers can add their own personal message so their family and friends can get acquainted with why they are involved.

Other Editable Options

Raising their fundraising goal, altering their profile, and editing the title of their page are some of the other features your fundraisers can tweak.

Highlight Your Organization

Maintain a healthy amount of your own
real estate on every FundEasy Page

While FundEasy Pages are all about your participants becoming fundraisers to their own social network, each page also has an area devoted to highlighting your organization as the beneficiary. This is where you can present what your organization is all about.

Each page has several areas that highlight who you are and what you're about:

1. Organization Banner
Upload a Banner at the top of the page and link it to your website.

2. Beneficiary Box
Sport your logo next to your participant in the Beneficiary Box at the top.

3. Get Involved Section
Draw people to your Event Web Page in the "Get Involved" section.

4. About The Beneficiary
Include your mission statement in "About The Beneficiary".

Example FundEasy Page with Organization Highlighted

Online Donations

Collect online payments that
are deposited automatically

We've partnered with an online merchant that allows us to seamlessly process credit card and electronic check donations from each FundEasy Page. These funds are deposited directly into your organization's bank account. We even give you an easy Online Payments Report to track all your online deposits.

Animated Fund-Meter

When a page visitor chooses to make an online donation, the fund-meter fills up according to what they give. This shows each donor the impact they are making while maintaining a fun and unique giving experience. Currently we have two Fund-Meter's to choose from. A thermometer and a baby bottle:

Try Me!

Percentage Raised:
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Try Me!

Percentage Raised:
0 %

Tax Receipts

Add your Tax ID when you create your campaign and FundEasy will provide an official tax receipt to each online donor automatically. They will have a chance to print it off after making their donation and also receive an auto-generated copy via email.

FundEasy Teams Icon


Joining, competing, and managing have never been easier

If you are looking for a way to have your participants team up to raise more funds, then FundEasy has you covered. While each participant still has their own FundEasy page and financial goal they are trying to reach, individuals can easily group together to form teams.

Every FundEasy page has a Team tab built right in. If you're on a team, this is where you'll find your team roster and the ability to invite others to join. If you're not yet on a team, participants can join or start a team from here as well. Since there's usually a little friendly competition going on, Top Teams are featured on every FundEasy page and on the Event Web Page. Easy Reports will also contain all the tallied team information. Never before have teams been more simple and to the point.

Corporate Sponsors

Extremely visible sponsor logos
with results you can see!

Dazzle your corporate event sponsors by placing their logo on EVERY FundEasy Page. That's right, you can upload each of their logos and have them appear on every FundEasy Page, Event Web Page, and confirmation email. That will translate into thousands of views as your fundraisers post their pages on Facebook and send out emails. Plus, each logo can be linked to the website of the corporate sponsor.

All the data on views and clicks is tracked in your Event Summary report so you can show your corporate event sponsors how they're receiving a solid return on their investment.

Weekly Insights

Helping to keep participants on track with their goal

FundEasy Weekly Summary Emails

We all know not every participant knows how to be a super avid fundraiser. That's why every week, each participant is emailed a summary of the last week's activity on their FundEasy page. This summary provides more detailed information than their page does and even includes tips on how to best to use their FundEasy page to gain better results. This all makes it easy for them to keep on top of their page and stay focused on achieving their goal.

Facebook, Twitter & More

Social Media Icon

Anyone can spread the word
via dozens of social networks

Facebook and Twitter are just the beginning. FundEasy Pages support sharing and posting to literally hundreds of social network sites. What makes this powerful is the fact that sharing of FundEasy Pages can be done by anyone - not just the fundraiser, meaning supportive friends and donors can join in spreading the word by re-posting and emailing to their social network as well. The potential for a well crafted FundEasy Page to 'go viral' is endless.

Facebook and Twitter Integrated Throughout FundEasy

Facebook and Twitter Integrated Throughout

Facebook has literally been grafted into every part of FundEasy. Participants can both register to your event and even log into their FundEasy page with Facebook.

Plus, Participants can also turn on 'Social Sharing' and link both their Facebook and Twitter accounts directly to their FundEasy page. This opens up the ability for all their Updates to be posted to both services and for FundEasy to 'Auto-Share' their page daily. Regular sharing usually means more Page Visitors, and more visitors potentially means more gifts.


Keeping people engaged in your fundraising story plays such a significant role in attracting givers. Now participants can post 'Updates' as often as they wish right on their FundEasy page.

The best part is those updates can be broadcasted directly to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They can even be emailed out to people who've already given as well. Updates provide one place to tell the story that keeps all your social media up to date.

FundEasy Updates Icon

Recent Updates Tweeted by FundEasy Users:

    FundEasy Page Visitors Line Graph

    Page Visitors

    When fundraisers post their page on social network sites or send emails to their friends, they'll want to know how much traffic their page gets in response. That's why we came up with 'Page Visitors'. Fundraisers can see how many people have visited their page, when they visited, and the total page views altogether. The more page views they can attract, the more funds they can raise.

    Email Icon


    Personally engage your audience

    While social media like Facebook is all the rage these days, email can be a more personal way of engaging people. Whether you are an individual fundraiser, a recruiter of fundraisers, or managing the whole campaign, we've got email tools for you.

    Email Service Logos

    Email for Your Fundraisers

    Each FundEasy Page has a simple email tool that automatically composes an email in the fundraiser's own email program of choice that includes the link back to their FundEasy Page. Since the email is going out from the person's own email program, deliverability is virtually perfect.

    Email for Your Recruiters

    If your event model is structured around having Recruiters (Liaisons) to help you increase involvement, we have a tool that will assist them in their role. They just need to go to your Event Web Page which has an Email Invitation tool they can use to send out professional looking email invitations for your event. This can help close the gap between participants saying they will get involved and actually registering to your event.

    Email for You

    As the manager of your event or campaign, you need to easily stay in touch with your Fundraisers and Recruiters, as well as be able to invite people to get involved. FundEasy comes complete with an email system that allows you to send out invites, reminders, and status updates whenever and to whomever you want.

    Event Web Page

    One central place to welcome
    and inform all your supporters

    One of the fundamental differences between FundEasy and other online fundraising page products is the ability to have everything start on your website. When you spread the word about your campaign through various avenues, like print materials, radio, etc, the main place you should be sending everyone is your website.

    Email Icon

    Just post an ad on your website about your event/campaign, and we'll provide the Event Web Page that it links to. This web page will be customized with your look and feel and include the following features:

    • Start FundEasy Pages (online registration)
    • Organization Goal Meter
    • Leaderboard for Participants & Teams
    • Event information
    • Map & Directions
    • Social Media Integration
    • Public Email Invitation Tool
    • Click-to-Calendar functionality

    Event Theme

    When you set up your event, you have control over the theme for all your public web pages and emails so you can stay consistent with your branding. You can upload your own banner and select your preferred color palette.

    Easy Management

    Quick access to everything
    you need to manage

    A major reason why online fundraising is so appealing is the ability to easily track all your FundEasy Page activity in one place. If you've never done something like this before, there's nothing like having visibility of your fundraiser activity as it happens. Walking blindly into your event will be a thing of the past.

    Column Browser

    In FundEasy's management system, the Column Browser is what tracks all your Recruiters (Liaisons) , Fundraisers (Participants), and Donors. Just select a Recruiter and you'll quickly see all their Fundraisers and funds raised. The Column Browser's job is to give you a real-time picture of your campaign, with quick access to transaction management, email correspondence, registration and more.

    Column Browser Icon
    Easy Reports Icon

    Easy Reports

    One central place for the
    bottom-line data that you need

    Whether you're trying to see how your campaign is fairing against your financial goal or you're looking to pull data about your donors, Easy Reports has got you covered. It's the one place where all your campaign data is tightly pulled together. Everything you find in Easy Reports is all exportable to Excel.

    Event Summary

    Get a quick overview on how your campaign is doing. See real-time fundraising totals compared to your overall financial goal. Top fundraisers, top giving methods, and corporate sponsors are all showcased here making it easy to allocate prizes and rewards.

    Play FundEasy Video: Easy Reports
    Watch the video!

    Participant Lists

    These quick reports will give you everything you need to know about everyone involved in your campaign. Recruiters, Participants and Donors will be tied together in one simple report. You'll get tallied fundraising totals, and all their custom registration data.

    Fundraiser Pledge Sheets

    With just a few clicks, you can print out detailed pledge sheets for every participant. These sheets include a breakdown of each donor including billing info, donation amount, payment method and paid status. This makes it easy to reconcile with each participant on walk or race day.

    Online Payment Deposits

    Our payment processor feeds all your online transaction data into your Online Payment Deposit report. This report contains a detailed breakdown of your bank deposits from FundEasy. You'll see who made the donation, and who it was intended for. You can choose to have your online donations be deposited as they happen or monthly.

    Invoices & Receipts

    FundEasy truly is an end-to-end
    fundraising solution!

    Let out a sigh of relief knowing you can have each online donor be provided with an official tax receipt at the point of donation! Plus, you can print out invoices and mailing labels for all your pledged gifts in seconds. Once donors have fulfilled their pledges, you can also print off official tax receipts. FundEasy truly is an end-to-end fundraising solution!