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  • Rhonda and Kim raised $600 for St. Joseph Pregnancy Resource Clinic

    "We had a great time. The website really helped me promote the Walk to family & friends that do not live near me!"

  • Hannah raised $1,080 for Care Net Pregnancy Center of Albuquerque

    "I enjoyed using FundEasy. It allowed for easy access for anyone to sponsor, as well as encouraging healthy competition."

  • Mary Ann raised $560 for Life Network

    "Loved the ease of the website and being able to have this online accessibility. Thanks!"

  • Dawn raised $920 for Pregnancy Resource Center

    "Really easy to set up my page. It was also easy for donors to get on and make their donations. Thanks!"

  • Tonya raised $270 for Southside Pregnancy Center

    "It was easy and I received most of my sponsorship off of the online page."

  • Neil and Kyla raised $480 for Pregnancy Resource Center

    "Great! Helped raise more funds than years past."

  • Marlene raised $375 for Corona Life Services

    "Very easy. Really think this is a great way to raise money. Thank you for the opportunity to fundraise in this way."

  • Kaitlyn raised $2,550 for Care Net Resource Pregnancy Centers

    "Incredible - definitely raised more money this way than we ever would have before. This was great!"

  • Birney raised $1,175 for Savannah Care Center

    "Great! Thanks! It helped us a great deal in having a successful fundraiser!"

  • Tim raised $345 for Pregnancy Decision Health Centers

    "Very easy to use. Great tool for fundraising!"

  • Danielle raised $295 for Alternatives Pregnancy Center

    "Loved the site!!!! Very up-to-date with the times using so many avenues to reach friends, family etc."

  • Shannon raised $500 for Walk 4 Faith Young Life

    "It helped me sooo much. Thanks to it I'm going to camp this summer!!! :D"

  • Margaret raised $700 for Alternatives Pregnancy Center

    "It worked well for me. It gave sponsors a clear picture of the fundraiser effort and my goal."

  • Debra raised $600 for Heartbeat of Fremont

    "Wonderful experience!!! Loved being able to see the progress! Would look forward to using it again!!!!"

  • Tina raised $500 for Options Pregnancy Resource Centers

    "It was very easy to use and fun to set up!"

  • Laura raised $295 for Women's Care Center

    "This application is really great! So easy to use and I love that it connects with Facebook! Great tool for fundraising!"

  • Patricia raised $1,327 for Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix

    "It was easy. I loved how whenever a person donated online, I was informed via email so I could send them a thank you back."

  • Laura raised $155 for Pregnancy Resource Center

    "Very easy! Looked forward to checking it every day. Thanks!"

  • Yesenia raised $1,360 for Houston Coalition For Life


  • Anne raised $1,010 for Pregnancy Resource Center

    "Super easy! Would definitely recommend and want to use FundEasy again!"

How It Works

  • Step 1 - Register

    Step 1 - Start a Page

    Participants register to your event from your website and receive their own FundEasy Page immediately.

  • Step 2 - Share

    Step 2 - Spread the Word

    Participants Share their FundEasy Pages with hundreds of family and friends through Facebook, email and more.

  • Step 3 - Collect

    Step 3 - Collect Funds

    Every FundEasy Page collects online donations and deposits them directly into your bank account.