The Early Days

The Idea is Sparked

In 2002, the idea of Ministry Sync was born with Jason Galicinski (CEO & CTO) while he was working with Biblical Counseling Center (BCC), in Arlington Heights, IL. The original idea was to create one database to synchronize and manage all the areas of the ministry, such as scheduling appointments, managing donations, billing, websites, online store, and event registrations. Jason developed the event registration out of desperate need to manage BCC's Annual Fundraising Banquet of 1,200 guests. Over time, it became clear that event management would be where Ministry Sync would specialize. Jason always envisioned that other ministries could maybe benefit from his work, but that was more of a dream at the time.

Explosive Interest

The Early Days

Jason & Adam Stubbs (COO & CFO) met each other in a small group at church about 2 years after Ministry Sync was being developed. In 2004, Adam joined the BCC team as the Business Manager and was given the responsibility of overseeing a 1,200 person banquet. During this time, Jason & Adam started to work together more closely to make the banquet management easier and more efficient and both gained a solid understanding of what it takes to run large banquets with assigned seating and Table Hosts.

Over time, a few other Chicago-based ministries started using Ministry Sync to help manage banquets of their own. In 2005, after Cru got word of Ministry Sync (thanks to Jim Dempsey, our biggest cheerleader), Jason & Adam quickly realized the great need for a banquet management tool all around the United States.

A Step of Faith

The Early Days

Jason loves telling the story of Ministry Sync, because it's a story of how God works to grow, love and protect his children. Jason & Adam don't like to claim that they wanted to start a business. "In fact," says Jason, "it was the farthest thing from our minds. But when God makes an opportunity so clear and so obvious, you just have to walk through the door by faith." And it literally was a walk of faith: They both left behind their full-time jobs with about 10 customers and dreams of prospects.

However, after attending their first Care Net conference in October of 2006, they came home with over 100 leads. In the following weeks, God provided greatly for this step of faith. "We saw first hand God's provision for us," says Jason. "Family and friends were buying food for us, we were given a car and we had all kinds of random stuff happen to us. It happened so often, that Jennifer and I started filling pages in our journal of how God was providing for us. There was no doubt in my mind that God would see us through." At the end of 2007, the Lord had blessed Jason & Adam with over 80 customers which was more than enough to build upon. Jason & Jennifer gave birth to their 4th child, who they gave the name "Moriah", which means, "The Lord Provides".

Ministry Sync Launches

The Early Days

In 2006, Insite Technology Inc. was born and Ministry Sync was launched as a stand alone web application for managing all kinds of events for all kinds of Christian ministries. A few main sources for generating clientele over the past 5 years have been The Care Net Association, Heartbeat International, The Mission Increase Foundation, and large international ministries like Cru and Young Life. Ministry Sync has forged many other key relationships and has become a vital event management tool for hundreds of ministries across North America.

One benchmark success story is how Ministry Sync and LifeSteward Ministries have formed a strong partnership. With both organizations holding similar values and complimentary offerings to the ministry world, they have worked together to bring a value-added package to their mutual clients. This package brings the best event training and the best software together in one bundle.


The Early Days

In early 2010, by popular demand, Ministry Sync launched a brand new product called FundEasy. Its sole purpose is to help better equip ministries who hold Walks, Races, and Campaigns. This product turns participants into fundraisers by providing them with personal fundraising web pages (FundEasy Pages). FundEasy has been a big hit so far and has enabled Ministry Sync to widen their positive impact on the fundraising needs of ministries. In 2011 alone, FundEasy has raised over $1.5 million in donations for His Kingdom.

It was during this time that Ministry Sync formed a strong partnership with to bring the best processing system together with the best event management system for ministries.

Refreshed Identity

With the advent of FundEasy, a rebranding was needed to simplify how Insite Technology's product offerings were understood. Since the name "Ministry Sync" had become more recognizable in the marketplace than "Insite Technology Inc.", it became the main front name of the company. The banquet management application became AttendEasy, and both AttendEasy and FundEasy are now housed within the Ministry Sync platform. This makes it easy to manage different events and campaigns in one place.


Though it seems jobs are decreasing in the US, Ministry Sync has been growing and adding new staff almost every year. Through God's grace, Ministry Sync has had the privilege of helping over 1,200 ministries raise millions of dollars by running thousands of fundraiser events around North America and some overseas. And He has brought together some of the most gifted people to serve in His kingdom.