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WayCool Integration Now Available!

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017


We’re excited to announce that our friends at WayCool Software released a new integration that will streamline your data entry! How cool is that? Now all registrants can be imported from Ministry Sync to CoolFocus without having to first export a .csv file.

With this integration, you’ll be able to:

  • Post registrants as donors to the CoolFocus database.
  • Post gifts that were imported from Ministry Sync as donations under registrant donor files in CoolFocus.
  • Post donations that were given at the event.
  • Import pledges and create pledge forms.

Contact your WayCool Software account manager if you have any questions about how the Ministry Sync integration can work for you!

Jason Galicinski
Jason Galicinski, Founder & CEO of Ministry Sync

Live Attendance — Better than ever

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

LA Device Mockups

When you order Live Attendance for your event, you ensure an increased look of professionalism at check-in that is noticed by attendees and appreciated by planners.

And now, we are happy to announce that we’ve added some improvements which will make your event planning even simpler.

To start, we added a new ordering page. Log in to Ministry Sync and select your upcoming AttendEasy event. Click on the Live Attendance banner or simply select the “Attendance” link in your event to learn more and place your order.

Our new ordering process allows users to download the Live Attendance Hub app directly to their personal iPad, reducing the shipping hassle.

Ministry Sync Hub App for Live Attendance is now
Available in the Apple App store!


New “Prep Checklist” tab

We’ve made it easier than ever to prepare for using Live Attendance at your event. Once you place your order, you will have a beautiful checklist that guides you through exactly how to prepare for your event using Live Attendance.


New “Setup Instructions” tab

We now offer a step-by-step guide that walks you through setting up Live Attendance. This area comes complete with a new Setup Video and detailed written instructions you can print out and take with you to your event.


Check out the new Live Attendance today and put it to work for you.

Jason Galicinski
Jason Galicinski, Founder & CEO of Ministry Sync


P.S. For those using Ministry Sync Beta, you can locate the Live Attendance information in the main menu within your event. Simply select “Live Attendance.” Here you can learn more and place your order.


New Mobile-Friendly Updates!

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Mobile Friendly Registration


We are excited to announce that starting today, all new Upcoming Events in your Ministry Sync account have been upgraded to our new mobile-friendly design! This means that all your guests can register more easily to your event from any device, including phones and tablets. All emails have also been redesigned for easy viewing on all devices.

Table Host Manager

But that’s not all. Our Table Host Manager in AttendEasy events got a mobile face-lift too! Table Hosts can now manage their guests even better than before.

New features for Table Hosts include:

  • Ability to view their guests in real-time,
  • Invite new guests,
  • Register, edit, and cancel guests, and
  • Track their list of invitations and responses
Guest List Manager
Invitation Email

Integrated “Give” Button

We have also added the option for your AttendEasy events to include a “Give” button to your invitation email that links directly to your online donation page so that guests who are not able to attend your event still have the opportunity to give to your organization at that moment.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve with you and help you achieve your goals this fundraising season.

The Ministry Sync Team

Changes to Facebook Sharing for FundEasy pages

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Each morning FundEasy sends updates to Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts to let family, friends, and sponsors know how a participant’s fundraising is going. Besides the daily updates, FundEasy pages can post updates when a donation is made, their goal is reached, or when the participant shares some news. It all works together to help promote your event and to encourage donations.

Facebook Sharing tools

However, we’ve found that not every FundEasy page that had Facebook enabled was really sharing the update. If Facebook access tokens expired or the participant didn’t give permission to post, then the Facebook Sharing settings could be on, but nothing was happening.

Today that changes. Starting this morning, if we detect that a FundEasy page’s Facebook sharing is turned on, but it can’t post to Facebook, we’ll turn off Facebook sharing and send an email to the fundraiser with instructions on how they can turn it back on and give Facebook the permission to post.

Of course, if Facebook sharing is posting as it should, nothing will change. Emails will only be sent to those whose active FundEasy pages are not posting to Facebook as they should.

If you have any questions about this update, please contact our Support Team at

FundEasy: More than just a new look…

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

January was a big month for us at Ministry Sync! We launched some pretty awesome FundEasy updates, overhauled our website, updated our logos, and hired two new staff members (welcome Brittany and Derrick!). To say 2016 has started with a bang is an understatement!

Our last blog post revealed FundEasy’s new look and ease of use on mobile. Wondering how that translates to your events? Read on…


We’ll start at

1. Sign in from anywhere! Your fundraisers can sign in to their page from, your Event Webpage, or any other fundraiser page. Once signed in, they’ll be taken directly to their page! Have fundraisers who are managing multiple pages? Signing in will take them to “My Pages”, where they can choose which page they’d like to manage.

2. Search! Click on any of the magnifying glasses to search for a specific fundraiser page!

3. Featured Fundraisers! Curious how others set up their events? What other fundraisers write for their welcome message, or updates? Check out current fundraisers in our Featured Fundraisers section.


Event Webpages!

1. Still web-based! This is not an app, so it doesn’t require downloads or updates. All fundraisers and donors will go to your Event Webpage from their browser on any device!

2. Customizable action buttons! Every event looks different – now your buttons can too! The buttons on your Event Webpage now match your theme colors, and you can use a new FundEasy Preference to re-word your Participate and Donate buttons.

3. Track progress… or don’t! Have a fundraising goal? Great! We’ll calculate the total raised through your fundraising pages and show your progress on the Event Webpage. This is one of the many FundEasy preferences that can be enabled… or not.

4. It’s all about the sharing! Easy share buttons to encourage social sharing! Remember, it’s a webpage so you can always just share the URL.


Fundraiser Pages!

1. Edit, edit, edit! Encourage your fundraisers to personalize their fundraiser pages and enable automatic social sharing. Fundraiser pages are easily edited from any device! It’s super easy… ’nuff said.

2. Add Photos & Videos! Fundraisers can post a video share link to welcome page visitors with a video or upload photos if they prefer. Thanks to some updates from Apple and Jason’s sweet coding skills your iPhone photos no longer upload sideways! (sigh)

3. Every dollar counts! Whether donors give online or hand cash to a fundraiser, all funds can be recorded on fundraising pages. Fundraisers just need to sign in to record cash, checks and pledges they’ve gotten offline. This isn’t new, but it’s still awesome enough to mention.


Those are just some of the highlights. For a list of all that’s new, please check out our changelog.

Introducing… FundEasy for Mobile!

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Today we are excited to begin unveiling some much anticipated updates…

Our first major release in 2016 is big… no, HUGE… news for all FundEasy users – especially those using FundEasy on their phones and tablets. We’ve made the FundEasy you know and love, simpler, fresher, and easier to use on all devices!

Registration, page management, giving, and everything in between is now as easy on your phone as it is on your desktop.

Check out our new look at Be sure to visit the What’s New page on our website for more details on this release… or better yet, get started on your next FundEasy event!

Haven’t used FundEasy yet? We’d love to discuss how this friends-asking-friends software can help raise funds for your organization! Give a call today at (866) 766-9309.

This is the first of many exciting releases in 2016… stay tuned!

Attention all eKYROS Users!

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

We’re excited to announce that our friends at eKYROS have released a major upgrade to their integration with Ministry Sync! Now all registrants can be imported – not just those with transactions. This means that all your registrants for an AttendEasy or FundEasy event will be imported, regardless of whether or not a gift was recorded in Ministry Sync.

With this change, you’ll be able to:

  • Post registrants as donors to the CenterPiece database.
  • Post gifts that were imported from Ministry Sync as donations under registrant donor files in CenterPiece.
  • Post donations that were given at the event.
  • Import pledges and create pledge forms.
  • Remove registrants that you don’t want to add as donors.

Watch the video that eKYROS has put together and  contact your eKYROS account manager if you have any questions about how the Ministry Sync Online Connector can work for you!

Custom Event Web Banners by Keener Marketing

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Your event web banner is among the first things your registrants and donors will see. It is used on every web page and email from your event so it’s really important that your banner is well-designed.

Since we at Ministry Sync think our gifts are better suited to make great event apps, we’ve decided to bring in the design expertise of Keener Marketing for our customers’ event banner needs. They’ve been serving ministries for a long time and have an intimate understanding of what’s needed to produce a fantastic quality, ministry-centric web banner for your event.

Going forward, all custom web banners ordered from inside a Ministry Sync event will be designed by Keener Marketing. They will provide a professionally designed banner within 24 hours for just $40*. It can be designed according to your specifications and reflect the look of your printed materials.

Learn more about ordering a custom web banner for your event.

Check Out These Examples:

We know you’re going to love working with Keener Marketing for your event banners and are happy to be partnering with them to serve you better!

*$40 Custom Design Fee includes 3 revisions. Additional revisions are $10 each. Fee is included on event invoice – issued after the event.

FundEasy Log In Updates

Friday, June 27th, 2014

We heard that some returning FundEasy participants were confused when they tried to register for a new event, so we made some changes on the registration form to make it easier for returning fundraisers to log in and register.

  1. We changed the wording in the onscreen message if someone tries to create a username that is being used. It’s now clearer that they need to use that email address to log in.
  2. Use your existing FundEasy Log IN

  3. Once they are logged in, they can click the register button to autofill their registration form with the information saved in their profile.
  4. If they are already registered, we’ll tell them and give the link to their page.
  5. If they use the register someone else link–or just start filling out the form–we no longer assume they want to attach them to the same login. They’ll choose a log in option on the bottom of the registration form.

Sometimes making just a few little changes makes a big difference

We promised you big changes are coming…

Friday, May 30th, 2014

… but sometimes we get an idea that we just can’t wait to release.

We made big improvements to the little checkbox we lovingly refer to as Register Additional People.

Until now, if you wanted to add additional family members on your registration form, you were limited in the fields you could add, and those fields couldn’t be required. Now, along with any custom fields that you might want to include, you can also add contact information for each person and we can require those fields.

While we’re talking about adding extra fields for additional people, did you see what we added there? We’re unveiling…

Meal Choices!

Ok, we know what you’re thinking. You’ve been able to add meal choices all along–but not like these.

We added meal choices to your Event Details. Just click Edit Details, scroll to the bottom, check the checkbox to turn on meal choices, and add your meal options and their descriptions. You can even drag them to shift the order they appear.

Add your meal choices and descriptions

New preset fields will show in your form skeleton for Meal Choice, Spouse Meal Choice and Dietary Restrictions. Simply add them to your form. Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable adding them yourself, you can still let our Support staff know. We’ll be happy to add them for you.

The best part about the new meal choices is that you can now report on them without extra work. Just go to Search/Reports, click on Add Remove Columns, in the Registration Information section choose MealChoice and Dietary Restrictions, and then Continue.

Add your Meal Options Column to your report

Each person’s meal option will show next to their name. No more merging spouses. No more deleting every other row. Just a single row with everyone’s meal selection.

Voilá your meal report

See why we couldn’t keep it to ourselves? Meal Choices and new Register Additional People options, our Feature Friday gift to you.