Tracking it All With a Tap

Until now, Live Attendance required laptops, barcode scanners,
and internet access at your venue. Not anymore.

  • "I thought it was wonderful. Our guests were very satisfied! And it was much quicker and easier to train volunteers to use than the old system.

    Lauren Coleman • Event and Volunteer Coordinator

  • "It couldn't have been easier to check in guests. Everything was a touch away. The iPads added a level of professionalism to our event and many of our guests commented on how organized we were."

    Amanda Lawrence • Alumni Communications Specialist

  • "Amazing tool that allows you to track your event registration while it is happening. It was quick, easy and user friendly!"

    Becky Peterson • Event Coordinator

  • "It was very easy to check folks in for the people assigned. We got a lot of comments from people about how great the system was in getting checked in."

    Natalie Butters • Direct Ministry

  • "This was very user friendly and simple to train our check-in volunteers on the spot. We loved it! This tool was fantastic! It provided so many options to track our numbers up to the second! I was able to move all around our event and was up to speed the whole time! I loved it!"

    Molly Thompson • Event Coordinator

Blazing Fast Check-In

The Guest Check-in mode enables you to look up guests and mark their attendance with lightning speed. You can check in guests individually, or by Table Host. You can even record last minute cancellations, opening up their seats for walk-in or unassigned guests.

Assign Seats Instantly

Without fail, it seems every event has situations where last minute changes happen and certain guests need to be assigned their seats during the check-in process. Live Attendance takes all the stress out of that process because open seats are clearly displayed in yellow.

Regsiter Walk-In Guests

When unexpected guests arrive, the Guest Manager mode has a fast and efficient way of letting you register them. That way, they don’t slip in to your event without capturing their valuable information such as address, phone and email address.

Move Guests

It’s easy to make last minute changes and move individuals or whole parties around to different tables. Since open seats are shown with yellow, you always know where you have room.

Stats and Correspondence

After your event is finished, you'll have a complete and accurate record of who attended, who didn't show, who walked-in unexpectedly and more. You’ll be able to email those people, as well as pull detailed reports which can be exported to Excel.

Say Goodbye to Internet at your Venue

Internet service in many venues can not only cost hundreds of dollars, but be glitchy and unreliable. Simply put, it adds another link in the chain that can break. Live Attendance eliminates the need for internet at the venue; cutting costs, set-up time and possible down-time. And since it uses iOS devices which are battery operated, you'll even be protected from power outages.

Mobile Check-In Stations

Since Live Attendance uses iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, that means you're free to roam around and meet guests where they’re at without requiring alphabetical check-in lines. Though this may vary depending on event size and structure, it’s nice knowing you have that option if needed.

Save Money — Fill Canceled Seats

Don’t waste money on unnecessary place settings to cover for unexpected overages. Live Attendance lets you intelligently use the seats of last minute cancelations so you can place people at seats that you already planned for rather than adding unnecessary tables.