Live Attendance
Live Attendance

Easiest Check-In Ever!

Use Your Own Devices

Works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
Additional devices can be rented if necessary.

No Internet Required

Your devices connect to our Offline Wireless Network, eliminating the need for internet at your venue.

Pricing that Fits

75¢ per registrant, $200 minimum,
added to your invoice after your event.

See It In Action!

Live Attendance allows you to be mobile and assist more people in less time.
Your staff and volunteers will have fun marking attendance!

What People Are Saying

“It was very easy to use and allowed us to check-in nearly 500 guests without any lines ever forming.”

Ken Karakula Jr.
Alternatives of Kalamazoo, Michigan

“Very smooth! Even with the changes and cancellations that happened at the last minute we were able to adjust to the needs of our event.”

Katherine Goodwin
Pregnancy Care Center of the North Coast, California

“Much easier than scanning name tags. Worked great. Easiest check-in ever.”

Lynne Sevinsky
Care Net PRCS, Virginia

“My team enjoyed the check-in process this year. It was fast and simple and gave our banquet another level of sophistication!”

Derrick Hayes
Pregnancy Help & Information Center, Florida

“I thought it was wonderful. Our guests were very satisfied! And it was much quicker and easier to train volunteers to use than the old system.”

Lauren Coleman
Phil’s Friends, Illinois

“WE LOVED IT!!! Live Attendance was so simple and easily handled the registration at our event of over 800 guests.”

Gretchen Miller
Rachel House Pregnancy Resource Center, Missouri

Blazing Fast Check-In

The Guest Check-in mode enables you to look-up guests and mark their attendance with lightning speed. You can check-in guests individually, or by Table Host. You can even record last minute cancellations, opening up their seats for walk-ins or unassigned guests.

iPhone Check-In
Assign seats

Assign Seats Instantly

Every event has situations where last minute changes happen and guests need to change their seating assignment. Live Attendance highlights open seats in real-time so that you can make last-minute changes and assign seats during the check in process.

Register Walk-Ins

When unexpected guests arrive, the Guest Manager mode has a fast and efficient way of letting you register them. This ensures that you capture valuable information to stay connected with all attendees after the event.

Register Walk-Ins
Move Guests

Move Guests

Since open seats are shown with yellow, it’s easy to make last minute changes and move individuals or whole parties around to different tables.

Post-Event Analytics

After your event is finished, you’ll have all the info you need to know such as who attended, who didn’t show, who walked-in unexpected, and more. You'll have the ability to stay connected with all registrants and export key information to an Excel document for future use.

Post-Event Analytics
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