Easy Registration

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Whether online or offline, AttendEasy has you covered

Online Registration

We make online registration a piece of cake. We provide a customized registration form with your look and feel that is easy to use and looks professional to your guests. We'll provide the link to post on your website. Our forms are capable of gathering pretty much any information you need about your attendees into your Ministry Sync account.
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Offline Registration

We know that not everyone is online. In fact, it takes time to build an online following. That's why we've made it really easy to manually register attendees. Think of our event management system as one place for everything to go. That way when you receive RSVP cards in the mail or get a phone call from people wanting to register, you just add them into your event in Ministry Sync. It's designed so anyone in your organization can do it with very little training.

Event Web Page

Where it all begins

Example of an Event Web Page

Online registration needs a starting place. Instead of you having to create it on your own, we provide a turn key solution...the Event Web Page.

The following features are included on this page out of the box:

  • "Register Now" Button
  • Event Description
  • Map with Directions
  • Social Media Integration
  • Public Email Invite Tool
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Invite, confirm, remind
and say "thank you"

Invitation Emails

As part of the included arsenal of online pages, forms, and emails, you get an invitation email that is pre-worded and customized to your event look and theme. Whether you want to send out a mass email invitation blast to all your constituents, or your Table Hosts need to send out one invitation at a time, sending out email invitations with Ministry Sync is easy and unlimited.

Automatic Confirmations

Solidifying the commitment to attend is paramount to maximizing attendance. That's why AttendEasy sends out confirmation emails immediately after a person registers or gets registered to your event. This email includes the following:

  • Event details
  • Map to the event with driving directions
  • "Click to Calendar" technology

Reminder Emails

Once guests are confirmed, they need to be reminded. This is the second step to maximizing attendance. Reminders can be sent anytime to any group of registrants. The content can be fully customized and the final product is packaged in your professional look and feel. So, go ahead, send out weekly updates to just your Table Hosts. Send out a "see you there" or even "see you tonight" email to all your registrants. These can help motivate Table Hosts and keep guests from forgetting. The bottom line here is keeping your event on the top of people's minds, which will help increase and maximize your attendance.

Thank You Emails

Sending out thank-you emails is just the beginning. What about no-shows or the people who cancelled? Ministry Sync tracks all that information and lets you send out emails to them all. Just because they didn't show, doesn't mean they don't want to support you. Stay connected, and show them that you noticed they couldn't make it and that you missed them. Suddenly you're more than just a fundraiser, you're a community builder!

Table Host Manager

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Empower table hosts to add
and invite guests online!

This is one of the features that sets AttendEasy apart from the other guys. Coming from a ministry background ourselves, we know that Table Hosts are key to having a successful ministry event. So, we've built AttendEasy from the ground up to accommodate the management needs of a banquet with Table Hosts.

Streamline Your Workflow

Rather than trying to handle all the RSVP volume yourself, why not take advantage of the Hub & Spoke model by using AttendEasy's Table Host Manager system. Stay focused solely on recruiting and motivating Table Hosts while they focus on inviting and registering their own guests. This way you can spend more time building relationships with your Table Hosts and they can focus on getting their guests registered.

Hosts Oversee Their Own Guest List

Example Guest ListEach Table Host gets an email upon signing-up that links them to their own personal Table Host Manager Page on the web. This is essentially their "guest list" for their group of registrants. They can bookmark this page and come back to it as often as they like.

Hosts Can Invite and Register Guests to Their Table

From their own Table Host Manager Page, Hosts can easily invite their guests using your email invitation. All the guest has to do is click "Attend" in the email and they can get registered. Table Hosts also have the ability to add registrants manually to their group directly from their Table Host Manager Page. In each scenario, guests are automatically placed in their Host's group.

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Group Manager

Gather your groups as you go,
not the night before

AttendEasy allows you to manage groups by Table Host name, making it easy to see how each Host is doing throughout the RSVP process. You can also create other miscellaneous groups to help stay organized.


Moving guests from group to group is as simple as clicking who you want to move and then clicking where you want them to go. AttendEasy will remember who is supposed to sit together with its party system. It's that easy! Watch the 3-Minute AttendEasy Overview Video

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The Party System

Since it's so easy to move people around, we've come up with a tool that remembers who should stay seated together. The Party System keeps spouses and family members who registered together seated together without you even having to give it a thought.

Place Hosts in Charge of Groups

Promoting a guest to a Table Host is handy when someone decides to step up and get more involved. Just click the blue arrow and AttendEasy will send out an email with a link to their Table Host Manager page.

Manage Payments

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Paying guests handled
securely and efficiently

Payment Processing Built In

We have our own online payment processor that makes it easy to collect online payments directly into your organization bank account. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover, as well as Electronic Checks!

Your paying guests will see your organization name on their credit card or bank statements. You can choose to have the funds arrive in your bank account as soon as the banking system allows, or once a month.

Transaction Management

Whether you have online payment options or allow registrants to mail a check, Ministry Sync keeps track of the payment information for each attendee. It will tell you with a simple icon if you're waiting for a check, if they are going to pay cash at the door, or if they've paid online. You can mark people as paid and record check numbers quickly and easily. Even run reports and export your transaction data to Excel.

Online Payment Deposit Report

Quickly see all the deposits from us in an easy to understand report that accounts for each transaction.

It's All About the Table Chart

Match your room layout, assign your tables, and print.
Making a table chart has never been easier!

Table Chart Icon

Match Your Room Layout

Depending on your venue, sometimes controlling how the table diagram looks is impossible. AttendEasy's Table chart tool allows you to customize your layout with ease.
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Assign Key Groups to Specific Tables

Once you've got the layout down, it's time to put key groups in key locations in the room. The Table Chart gives you flexibility to place groups anywhere you want with a couple of simple clicks.

Auto-Fill the Rest!

Okay, so now all the key people are situated right where they need to be in the room. The Auto-Fill Remaining Button just finishes the job with a click. You can always come back and switch groups around until you've made the necessary tweaks needed to finish the job.

Use Color to Distinguish

Color code different tables to reflect church groups, companies, or whatever you want to make your chart easier to understand.

Everyone Is Assigned!

Not only is the Table Chart a graphical tool for mapping out your room and assigning groups to tables, but it assigns everyone in the group the corresponding table number for all your reports.

Name Tags & Labels

Say "goodbye" to mail merging!

Imagine, a few clicks of the mouse and you have a PDF file on your desktop of all your Name Tags that you can just print out onto your card-stock. Well, that's exactly how Ministry Sync's label system works in its 3 step process:

  1. Select your Avery number
  2. Select a Name Tag Template
  3. Click Print
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Customize Your Labels

If you don't like any of our templates, we let you build your own. You can upload your own logo, decide what fields to add, and decide how you want everything laid out.

Tracking it All With a Tap

During your event, take attendance, register walk-ins, record no-shows,
and fill open seats faster and more accurately than ever before.

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Report & Export

Search, filter, and export...
The spreadsheet tool that does it all!

Search and Filter Your Guest List

Search and Filter Your Guest List

Need to find someone fast? No problem. You can find them by just entering a few letters of their name. You can search for any information that way. We believe all aspects of your data should be easily accessible at all times.

Create Custom Reports

Create Custom Reports

Take things a step further and make whatever report you wish. Our spreadsheet tool allows you to select which fields you have in your registration form to use as your column-headers. Then you can filter or sort by any of those fields. You can even edit some fields right within the spreadsheet.

Save Reports for Later

Once you go to all the trouble to customize a report and would like to come back to it again and again, just save it and you can load it up whenever you want. As new people are registered they will also appear in your report.

Export Reports to Excel

We believe you should always have access to your data. That's why all reports can be either printed or exported to Excel. Saving reports saves you time from having to keep building your customizations in Excel. Just build them once in Ministry Sync and export to Excel as often as you like.